Alleviating poverty is a complex issue. From job creation to life coaching and fighting systemic challenges, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Greg and Eric are joined by Kenny Brown, Executive Director of Pivot Talent Group, a program that gives a helping hand to people who made one mistake that could negatively affect the rest of their wage-earning years. As Kenny launched Pivot, he learned more about the criminal justice system and the challenges of bail. On any given night, nearly half a million people go to bed in jail cells without having been convicted of a crime. The reason they are there? They couldn’t afford bail. And because they couldn’t leave jail, many were in danger of losing their jobs, their kids, and their homes. Join us as we wrestle with the complexities of poverty, income inequality, and bail.

Taxpayers spend an estimated $14 billion annually incarcerating people who haven't been convicted of anything. Click To Tweet

Recommended Resource

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Kenny Brown
Executive Director at Pivot Talent Group

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